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Charlene Gingerich

Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Musician ~ Podcast Host

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Charlene has always been someone who believes that one of the most important things we can ever do in our lives is to find our way to intuition — to gut knowing. And to trust and follow it.


Following her own life’s pull has led her through incredible and difficult career and life changes that have ultimately allowed her to lean wholeheartedly into who she is at her core — and in doing so, she hopes to encourage others to do the same.


As she moves into the second half of her life, Charlene feels a little like she’s been given a new set of keys that open the gate to some magical garden she’s not yet entered. She’s intrigued to have a renewed opportunity to follow the threads of her truest life:


  • To heal herself and others through Intuitive Energy Healing.

  • To paint her own kind of beauty on the silence of the world with her music.

  • And, to take the universe up on its one true freedom — making some meaning of it all —  with The MeaningMaker Podcast.



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