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Intuitive Energy Healer

For much of her life, Charlene has felt called to the healing arts. For almost a decade, she’s been a practicing certified Reiki practitioner and Intuitive Energy Healer.


Charlene offers one-on-one Intuitive Energy Healing sessions — both virtually and in-person — for mind-body-spirit healing and growth. Using a combination of Reiki, intuition and visualization, she works with the body’s natural energetic field and life force energy to locate, shift or remove imbalances in your energetic system. 


Sessions with Charlene will help you move beyond situations and feelings and provide support to connect with your own intuition and healing —  enabling you to release that which no longer serves you. Think of it as reinforcing your natural ability to heal and support your own overall health and well-being.


Each session is as unique as the individual receiving the treatment. Sessions combine elements which include a unique hands-free approach to energy work with an intuitive experience that unfolds as she is guided. Charlene believes that it’s a sacred gift to be allowed into your healing journey.


In-person sessions with Charlene can be booked through the Vibrant Living Clinic in Waterloo, ON.  Click here to schedule.

Virtual sessions can be booked directly through Charlene.  Click here to schedule.

Have questions about a session?  Contact Charlene directly.

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