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The MeaningMaker Podcast

Charlene has been the co-host of The MeaningMaker Podcast along with her wife, Jana, since September, 2021. The podcast chronicles their coming out story as two small-town hockey moms — with four kids, two husbands and a lot of years of marriage between them. 


Having navigated through everything from coming out in a small town, divorce and blending families, to opposite parenting and conflict styles, intense grief and guilt, spiritual awakenings, and another wedding — today they’re married to each other. And the podcast features a series of “real and raw” conversations as they try to make some meaning of it all. 


It’s not so much an LGBTQ coming out story as it is a “life” story. Named after Jana’s blog and consistently ranked in Apple Canada’s top 250 relationship podcasts, The MeaningMaker Podcast is an inspiring and redemptive story about how life is built in the wreckage. And about that rare kind of magic that happens when you show up and let yourself be seen.  


New episodes drop every other Wednesday on all major streaming platforms.

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